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Is there a future for printed newspapers?

by Tadej Voljc, 2011



      Newspapers were once a highly used and widely spread source of information. They started to become an indispensable media which they still are. But is that a matter of change? It seems that the rising internet issues of several popular newspapers might outrun their printed versions.

      In fact, many newspapers are investing into the online editions and experiencing a great feedback. The population (especially the young part of it) is namely becoming more and more active on the worldwide web, which provides a wide range of readers for online articles. Of course, one could say that those who read online issues of newspapers are to be understood as just as enthusiastic readers of the paper editions as well, but this not completely true. The online editions provide their readers with the comfort of having countless editions of several newspapers accessible right from their mobile phone, laptop or tablet computer. Among many other useful tools it enables the reader to easily search through the document and decide whether it is of interest or not. Overall, I think one could say that the electronic version of newspapers with all its gadgets is simply    closer to a wide range of today’s population.

      But on the other side it cannot provide the sheer beauty of taking a freshly printed newspaper in your hand and sitting at the breakfast table or on the sofa and simply reading it through. It is also true that if a person does not read newspapers regularly it may be cheaper and/or easier to just buy a printed version of the desired newspaper. The usage of printed editions is more than reasonable also when trying to inform a range of people about something which they might normally not be interested in. Dispatching newspapers in the streets of cities is nowadays namely a successful way of spreading news to such a part of the population.

      Even though the online versions of the newspapers have a large number of useful gadgets and advantages I think it is reasonable to say that they will not be the reason for the extinction of printed newspapers. I think we can agree that as simple as they might seem they will never be able to provide the easiness and comfort of holding an actual newspaper in your hands. This does not prove the everlasting survival of printed broadsheets, but merely directs us to search for other possible causes of this phenomenon. Those, on the other hand, might have not even started to appear.

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Matej Nekvinda, 06.05.2011, 15:57
Good article, well expressed, good structured... what else to say...
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