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Social Media

Opportunities in social media as an individual

by Judit Szomor, 2014

Nowadays one of the most crucial parts of our lives is the social media, and to get information as fast and easy as possible. As an individual we have several ways to check out the latest news, but the style how we do it really depends on one’s personality.

When someone decides to look for a job in this topic, then this person should think over both the pros and cons of each possibility. Skills are much more important in this issue than qualifications. After this decision was made, our person can start looking for e.g. a job. Advertisements in newspapers and on the internet are the best methods to find a workplace easily. Most importantly, the biggest problem is that people who usually try to work in media are well-qualified so there are only a few available spots.

Fortunately, there are some workplaces at huge social-media companies e.g. at Facebook, Twitter or online magazines. These lays have many advantages and disadvantages , which we would like to show through the example of Facebook.

Facebook is a social website with millions of users. It helps us in our everyday life, and to stay in contact with our friends and relatives. The information which can be found in Facebook, cannot always be true, but let’s see why exactly we think that.

The system of Facebook stores our data by checking our browsing and searching activity, and is recommending us many Facebook-linked websites which we may be interested in.

From the moment we have signed in, we will be just like an opened book for everyone. We don’t really deal with it, but I think we should, because if something is on the internet it will never disappear from there. A lot of employers search for their applicants before the job interviews, and if they find something disturbing from their past, they probably won’t employ them in the future. Even if this content was uploaded years ago, we as casual people can easily become targets for these searching methods.

What is more, we can easily become the victim of a media scandal, and these cases can often end with suicidal behaviour. We think it is the most harmful side of the social media.

Additionally, it can cause several types of addiction, e. g. when somebody lost his/her control over the time that he/she spends with hanging on these websites. So by the time, this person definitely won’t be able to keep the relationships with relatives and friends in real life, and then will become a typical antisocial person.

Anyway, there are some advantages too, but unfortunately, their number is less than the cons we have just mentioned in this article. Firstly, you can keep contact easily with your relatives, who live far from you, or you cannot meet them as much, as you want. Because, you only have to write them a message, or just follow their weekdays, and the special events of their life. Another advantage, that you can make friends easier, but you have to be aware, because, a lot of Facebook profiles are fake, and people behind them, are usually suffer from very serious psychical problems.

You can share the events of your life on Facebook, and we don’t say that you shouldn’t, but always be very careful about with whom you share your pictures, messages, and your whole life!

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