Ewelina Bartoszewska

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History of Europe

Youth Development in the EU

by Ewelina Bartoszewska, 2010

     Novadays, young Europeans have broad access to education, culture and technological achievements. So they can improve their knowledge and shape their personality. The European Union is an institution that offers many forms of youth development.

     Unfortunately, not in evry place of EU, young people have equal opportunities to fully exploit their skills. In the worst situation are the rural residents of poor nations. They can not afford trips abroad, often do not even have access to the Internet. This problem was noticed and widely discussed in the EU. As a result, many schools have received funding, which enabled them to purchase teaching aids and organize trips to European countries.

     Within the EU, young people can participate in international exchanges, and leave for work in other countries. Thus has the opportunity to quickly their skills in using foregin languages and learn about their culture and traditions.

     Study abroad interest many ambitious people. Therefore, it is very important the creation of international universities. Taking education by pupils and students in different EU countries has been made possible thanks to a decision on mutual recognition of school certificates and diplomas. A major simplification is the widespread recognition of diplomas in the EU when applying for a job.

     Efforts of the European Union for young people to have better opportunities, are  justified. In this direction have been taken a lot of good decisions. Thanks to them, it is possible to improve the quality of teaching and dissemination of European languages. Although not all European countries young people have the same opportunities, the Union's efforts to contribute to bridge these differences.

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