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Living in Europe

How the Czechs are...

by Chantal S, 2010

Thus the Czechs ....

are yes, how are the Czechs real? This is a good and interesting question. In addition I say for the moment "Ahoi"!

The mentality of the Czechs can be described in three words: taciturn, decent and down-to-earth!


In this country the people seem to be disrupted mentally. They sway between humor and scepticism. And because of this for traveller is often difficult to understand the Czech mentality.

Often they are very comfortable what should be called that they let themselves time, because they are to the opinion, that them nothing runs away.

They like to sing and dance and make Party every day! In Czech Republic exist a high number of regional bands. The young people love to visit concerts and pubs in their free time. In addition the Czechs affect sports.

The Czech food is really delicate, but they use much caraway and garlic. During the meal they drink some beer. They have a unmanageable choice of beer.

They are not so religious. But on Christmas and Easter, they have lot of special usages.

And what do the Czechs say about themselves?

The Czechs are bustling. Older people are really conservative. In front of people from other country they are cautious.

Czechs like fast cars and motor-bikes. They often come to Germany for driving faster than 130 kmh.

Many Czechs are lazy. They don't want to work for there money. But in contrast of this they like to do sports.

What say people from other country about Czechs?

The Czechs are really friendly and enjoy to talk. They have good beer but they are not so active.

The Czechs like sports, smoke so much and their language is really difficult. In addition they like German music like Rammstein!

The Czechs are friendly.

Unfortunately, I had no other meetings with Czechs beyond this seminar. Because of that my impression exists on my experience here. But I can say they have a cryptically humor!

My experience with Czechs is positive and I hope it will continue.

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